#DIGC202 Drastic shift in perception of time and space

If we observed from a perspective of an individual born in the 19th century, time and space would have held significant limitations.
Messages took incredibly long to reach the desired destination, and considering the world was plunged into one armed conflict after another; information was vast and time was in short supply. As a result, mankind conquered the need for pigeon messaging and moved onto technological wonders, which, according to the staff of History.com, completely changed how wars were fought. Yet nowadays, the rise of global networks has changed how we view time and space – things once unreachable are now available instantaneously and space no longer refers to what we can see or touch, and in several ways offers so much more than telegraph ever could.

In Barlow’s declaration of  Independence of Cyberspace, he colorfully explains why political borders don’t affect the virtual space. All this allows us to remain incognito, create and share content, take up different “identities” online and be somewhat liberated in ways that physical society does not yet allow fully. As Lessig, L. writes, the sheer depth of cyberspace is overflowing with all types of information that may make an undistinguished person quite distinguishable within its borders. 

From the days of the painfully slow dial-up internet, as a global society, we have reached incredible depths that are bound to alter mindsets and characters of the upcoming generations while retaining good hope that it will not all end up as another post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel.


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3 thoughts on “#DIGC202 Drastic shift in perception of time and space

  1. I cant agree more with you. Even, the political power cant interfere with virtual space which means there is no control over information. It eventually impacts individuals accessibility to anything they like. Perhaps, you could also talk about how the politicians view this idea of individuals having to gain complete access online. That would be intriguing to read. Keep writing 🙂


    • We are witnessing some of the greatest breakthroughs in terms of virtual freedom, where even the strictest of regimes are being torn down by the free flow of information – for me that really puts things in perspective. I will definitely write more on the topic of universal free information access!


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